Export note to PDF with option to keep tags turned off

Testing version: Mac 10816
iOS 10817

What were you doing: export to PDF a note with text and several images; there was a tag at the top of the note

What feature did you use: export to PDF (option to “Keep tags during export” was turned off)

What happened: not all of the images appear on the PDF - it wasn’t always the same across devices, but about half of the images rendered and the other half did not - the PDF only showed the markup of the image but no image. This happens on Mac, iPad, and iOS. Same thing happens if the tag is placed anywhere in the note except at the very bottom. When I moved the tag to the very bottom, the PDF exported properly with all the images rendered. If I turn on the option to “Keep tags during export” the images appear on PDF as expected no matter where in the note the tag is positioned. (But then the tags show…)

What did you expect to happen: I expect that placement of the tag in the note will not affect how the images appear in the exported PDF

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