Request: Show Note Counts in List Pane?

Hey Folks,

Are there any plans afoot to re-introduce note counts in when viewing/searching? On Bear 1 and the iOS version, you see a display of the number of notes in the title/list view above the items. This is a great little feature and currently missing from Bear 2 Beta.


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Right now on macOS, the number of notes is shown in the Notes menu and iOS will not be different. We are considering also re-introducing the counter on top of the list on iOS.

Screenshot 2022-11-28 at 13.39.33

That works when you’re in a dedicated list view — based on tag,or any of the dedicated Notes options. But if I do a SEARCH, I have no way of seeing the number of notes returned. That’s lost.

As I recall, the old method in Bear worked in both dedicated list views (showing counts) OR searches. Would be great to have a similar method in Bear 2.

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