Reserved tag words?

Testing version: Version 2.0.11 (11968), MacBook Air, MacOS Ventura

What were you doing: Trying to assign a tag using what appears to be a reserved word

What feature did you use: Tagging

What happened: Tags did not appear in the tag bar

What did you expect to happen: Tags to appear in the tag bar

It seems there are certain words that can be used as tags but that do not appear in the tag bar and that appear to have been pre-configured as tags.

For example, I created a tag in a note called #shopping. As I was typing, the tag word appeared in the tag dropdown as if I had already created it, and with an icon I had not selected. In other words, the tag was already there, with an icon, even though I had not created a tag called #shopping.

The same thing happened when I created a tag called #personal: The tag appeared in the dropdown with an icon, as if it had already been created by me.

This would all be fine except that neither tag appears in the tag bar. However, if I change the tag’s wording to, for example, #shipping instead of #shopping, the system behaves as it should during the tag creation interaction; it does not appear in the dropdown (because it did not yet exist) and no icon was associated with the tag.

Experimenting some more, I tagged a note with #personal stuff# instead of #personal. Again, the tag was accepted as a new tag should be, and #personal stuff# appeared in the tag bar as it should have.

So, yeah—this leads me to believe that some keywords were pre-identified as likely tag categorizations and pre-configured with TagCons™️. This, again, is fine, as long as they show up in the tag bar. Which they do not for me.