Tag sorting sometimes appears completely random

Testing version: Version 2.0 (10816) – MacOS

What were you doing: trying to display tags

What feature did you use: tags on the sidebar

What happened: sub-tags sometimes aren’t sorted in any logical order, they are displayed randomly. Sometimes they are sorted correctly though. Restarting Bear doesn’t help.

What did you expect to happen: tags to appear in an alphabetical order

I’m not talking about notes inside a tag, but the individual tags on sidebar and afaik there’s no option to change based on what they should be sorted, in Bear 1 it always was in alphabetical order.

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Take a look in the general settings (first page of preferences). It may be that you have setted to sort the tag list by count of notes

I have the tags sorting option set to Title, however changing it to number of notes doesn’t change the order at all. The weird thing is that they aren’t sorted by the number of notes either way – the first tag has 2 notes, second one 3, third one 2 again, then 11, 14, 38, 27, 17, 20, it just goes on randomly.
Now I’ve also figured out that it pinning and un-pinning the tags temporarily sorts the tags correctly.

Then it seems to be a bug. Maybe somehow related to the language of your bear or with sync? I never had such problems with the pre-test-flight versions for mac

Where is the tag sorting option? I don’t seem to have it, unless I’m staring right at it and can’t see it!

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I do not have the new test flight versions, So can‘t help you. It seems that option was removed in the public beta

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It’s actually not in the preferences, but uder the view tab.
I’m pretty sure it’s a bug, in previos versions (and also in Bear 1) it worked fine even with the czech language.
Also the tags are sorted correctly in the iOS version, it’s a problem only on Mac.

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I noticed some strange behavior too. Sometimes it shows tags sorted not by the settings, but in chaotic order. But it can be fixed by editing the «chaotic» tag section and then just canceling. It rearranges tags to the ordinary state.

We discovered a bug in the sorting of sub-tags that was added in the latest version, it’s already fixed internally and it should be available in the next update.