Support custom tag sorting

This has been requested in the past, but I’m not sure it’s been brought up in the context of Bear 2.

I would love custom ordering of tags. Pinned tags are useful, but for me there’s a lot of meaning and convenience in what’s first versus what’s second, and so on… more than just the pinned and unpinned tiers that can’t be customized further.

Ideally a sort order could be chosen for each sub-list of tags. Some nested collections I might want to sort manually, and some I might want automatically alphabetized. But if it had to be all or nothing, I’d choose manual ordering everywhere instead of everything being alphabetized.


I think craft has done a good job in regard to that. A simple solution but you can achieve any order you like


Being able to change the order of tags manually would certainly be helpful. Maybe I’m asking too much, but sometimes you just don’t plan that far ahead, so adding order to the tag list would really help. Maybe (but now I’m asking too much) you could create tags in the tag list itself and nest other tasks by dragging them on top of it?


Actually that’s a different feature than tag sorting :wink:

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Well… I realised I need to improve my typing! I meant to keep the tag list tidy by creating tags (as folders almost) and drag other tags in them for nesting. I love the nested tags in Bear but the only way to create them is to create them in a note with the /… That’s cool but what if I want to do something like that at a later stage?


I’ve previously solved this by having a dedicated note where I list out all the tags.

(I’ve since moved away from doing that way since I’m not sure centrally defining tags in that way is all that smart anyway, but if you really want to do it that’s a way to do it.)

As for ordering, I get by pretty well with a combination of pinning and being mindful of the first letter of my tags. :slight_smile:

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+1 we need custom tag sorting in bear! it’s so ugly and not scalable to use special characters in front of tag names.

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we desire a customizable tag order feature, with a preference for manual sorting. This is crucial! Please add this feature!


I agree with the sentiment expressed here. The ability to arrange tags in a custom order within the Bear app is a feature that is sorely needed. The current workaround, employing special characters to manipulate the tag order, is neither aesthetically pleasing nor sustainable as the number of tags increases or tags changes. This feature would greatly enhance the user experience and the overall functionality of the app. So, I am casting my vote in favor of introducing customizable tag sorting in Bear.

Would anyone from the Bear team be able to provide an update regarding this feature request? Has it been added to the backlog? Could you also shed light on its current priority level within the development roadmap?