Feature Request: Manual ordering of tags

Hi! I see that the Bear team stated 1.5+ years ago that there was no plans to add a feature allowing the manual ordering of tags. Has this changed? (Fingers crossed)

Manual ordering of tags would be incredibly useful.

For example, many people have tags for recipes. When listing tags of recipes, many people would prefer to list tags in a thoughtful order: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert - in that order.

But the current tagging system does not allow this. Instead, it would list the tags alphabetically as: breakfast, dessert, dinner, lunch.

There are numerous scenarios where manual ordering of tags would be helpful, like in the example above.

Please reconsider adding this functionality!


I would really like manual ordering of anything (tags, notes) but I’m afraid it’s not in the cards. In the meantime, you can replicate this with numbers:

  • 1 breakfast
  • 2 entrĂ©es
    and so on.

Thanks for the hack. That’s pretty ugly though, and clutters my tags. But guess will have to think about which is the least worst option… use hack numeral workaround or have things listed in illogical, alphabetical order. Crappy options :confused:

I have to agree that manual ordering is highly desired. The pinning of tags is nice but very limited. I even cannot achieve a simple goal: to order my tags so that the first entries in the tags list represent something like folders where I organize my notes by content and then in a second part followed by tags which are more about classification (classical tags).

Here a short clip that shows how much fun it could be:

Commenting to agree! I use what KillerWhale suggested, I number the tags, but it gets messy and bulky fast.

I understand there’s an time efficiency in auto-ordering, but having the option to turn off auto-ordering or designate specific tags as manual would be great. Bear’s motto is to be simple and easy to use as possible, and it does great with that for “must have” features–features like these could be hidden away in settings as to not clutter things upfront, for those who want to seek out additional ways to personalize the behavior of Bear.

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