Use different sorting for different tags

Hi devs, thank you for all of the work you do to make Bear such a phenomenal app. One small feature request: it would be amazing if we could set different sorting rules for different tags – I sort my notes by modification date, but I have a situation where I’d like to sort the notes under a particular tag by title. Thank you so much!


Big +1 here! I’ve definitely needed this as well.


I’ve seen a couple of posts about this and want to add my +1. Use case is like many others: creating a journal in Bear requires a different sort order (I use alphabetical by note title) than what i usually want (modification date).

Other than that, just switched from Evernote and so far love the app!


This is what I miss most from Notes. Here are options I’d consider useful in order of desirability, in case any of them could be quickly implemented:

  1. Being able to set and forget the sort order for each tag and sub-tag
  2. Having the all notes view always be most recently changed, but then being able to set a sort for the rest; I tend to use reverse alpha for everything else (I lead all my notes with yyyy/mm/dd) and usually the only reason to leave that sort is to see view the all notes list
  3. Make the sort direction sticky for each sort style – right now, when I want to switch to reverse alpha, I have to make two trips to the sort menu, even when the last used alpha sort was reverse
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+1 from me. At least differentiate between tag and “All notes” sorting. This would increase the value of the different lists immensely!