Feature request: Save individual Sortings/Previews for each Tag


Absolute fan of Bear 2.0. I love working with it!

It would be nice if I could have individual sortings for each tag and not just global sorting. For example I want my #Journal or #Contact notes to be sorted by title but my #Work notes to be sorted by Modification Date. For me it seems like sorting is something that should be individual for each Tag/Folder. Same with Preview Style.

Maybe we can have a option underneath ‘Newest on top’ in the sorting menu that says ‘lock sorting for this tag’. Something like that could make sense without bringing too much complexity for people that prefer global sorting.



That is what i in the meantime also think or would like to have. Imo it would be too much to have seprated sorting for each tag in a nested hierarchy but for each tag family (means: sorting for #a is same as for #a/b, but different than for #c)

One could argue that then it is difficult to see on first sight which sort order is applied. I like the idea to show that in the notes list itself by using color. For example: if it is sorted by name, then the title is coloured, if it is sorted by mod date then the date in bottom left corner is coloured and if it is sorted by creation date then “created: 2023-01.09” is shown in left bottom corner in coloured font

+1. I made the same request here, with a couple of other example use cases.

+1, really need it too

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