How to disable the modification date?

Can I ask why you want your notes to be sorted based on modification date?

There are two workflows where I want this.

  1. One thing I use Bear for a lot is notes for recurring weekly meetings. I often “pre-create” the note in the days leading up to the meeting, so I can jot down agenda items. Once the meeting happens, I generally don’t touch the document again. But I do want to be able to quickly look through notes from the previous couple of weeks. Having them sorted by “last modified” date makes that easy.

  2. I have a lot of notes that will be active for some unknown period of time. They might be feedback for a manuscript I’m reviewing, or notes from an ongoing collaboration. I want these notes to keep bubbling up to the top of the list as long as I’m working on them, and then sink quietly out of site once they’re no longer active.

This isn’t perfect. But it’s the best fit I’ve found so far.

In my ideal version of Bear, I would be able to set a per-tag sort order. Then for my first use case, I would put an ISO 8601 date in the title of each note and sort #meetings/ by Title. This would be huge, because then I could check off Todo items without having to worry about screwing up the note’s timestamp. (I can’t do this today, because sorting by Title would be terrible for all my other workflows.)

For my second use case, I would still stick with a Modification Date sort in the handful of tags where I do this kind of work. But everywhere else, I think I would do what you do, sort by Creation Date, and use pins to temporarily keep specific documents on top on an ad hoc basis.

Sorry for rambling. Hope I answered your question.

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