Return to footnote anchor

It would be great if there were a quick way to use a keyboard shortcut to return from footnote text to the original footnote anchor. This would really speed up the flow of writing, allowing you to create a footnote, write the footnote text, and return to the part of the text you were working on without removing your hands from the keyboard. Obsidian has a nice plug called “Footnote Shortcut” in that does this pretty well, and which might serve as a model.

I was looking for an Add Footnote keyboard shortcut in Obsidian (it doesn’t have one out of the box) — there’s a simple community plugin called (appropriately) Footnote Shortcut that adds it.

Intriguingly, its functionality includes not just “create the superscript and jump below”, but once you’re done typing the footnote you can repeat the shortcut and it jumps back up! Really clever and works great.

(You can also have different shortcuts for numbered vs labeled footnotes as well.)

Now, after adding Bear’s Cmd-Shift-E shortcut to Obsidian, I really wish Bear could do the jump back too. :smiley:

Hi folks,

you can already use ⌘⇧K to jump from the footnotes’ definition/reference to the counterpart :slight_smile:


Very cool, thank you!

In testing just now, that Cmd-Shift-K does work, except apparently when the cursor is sitting on a link (e.g. the footnote consists of or ends in a link). In that case Cmd-Shift-K opens the link instead.

Oh, perfect. Thanks!