Reverting to Bear 1

Is there any way to convert a Bear 2 database back to Bear 1, so I can restore Bear 1? I’ve unfortunately added a lot of notes since switching to Bear 2, so I can’t restore a backup of my Bear 1 database.

The only new feature I prefer in Bear 2 is the title on each window. I really dislike the way bullet lists are handled, and little quirks when I search.

I like “Hide Markdown” in theory, but in practice, with my notes being about 3 GB, it isn’t performant enough not to be visibly laggy. And it turns out, I don’t end up using backlinks as much as I thought I would.

I also just prefer the visual style of Bear 1, and the headline fonts in particular.

How would you plan on reverting to bear 1, even if you could convert the database? Bear 2 wasn’t released as a separate app, so there wouldn’t be any location I know of that you could download Bear 1 from.

However, you could potentially export as textbundle files and import those textbundles freshly into bear 1

I saved a copy of the Bear 1 bundle before I upgraded. Then I tested restoring it on a different Mac that never had Bear installed.

Thanks, that’s a good idea. I’ll try that.

Ah no worries - I presume you’re just referring to MacOS then? Or is this also possible on iOS?

Best of luck with the restore!

Yeah, MacOS.

On iOS, you can save the ipa from the App Store, supposedly, but I haven’t done it in years. And it would’ve had to have been before Bear 2 was released.

Now, you’d probably have to jailbreak iOS and grab the ipa from the file system afterward.

Fortunately, I don’t need it on iOS.