Right-clicking a note in the notes list should not make it active in the editor

Currently, right-clicking a note in the notes list shows the context menu and selects it, making it active in the editor. This fragments my workflow as I typically want to right-click a note I don’t currently have active to open it in another window (or take some other action). I’m aware this is how Notes.app behaves in macOS, but I would expect it to behave more like Mail or Finder.


Yes, I really agree. That is really annoying. When right clicking a note I want to open the context menu for choosing a command but I also have opened this note in the editor. You don’t even have to compare with mail or finder: a right click on a tag in the tag tree doesn’t selects/opens this tag neither. Actually I ask if there is any good reason for current behavior

I imagine this is the same issue that is causing the annoying behavior where when I have a note open and try and double click one from the note list to open in a new window, the editor to switches to the note I double clicked and a new window to opens with the note I double clicked.

The second one (double clicking) is actually difficult to imagine to work in other way - if you double-click on something, you probably expect that the focus will stay in the place where you clicked. However, the first case (right-clicking on inactive note and “open in new window”) should not make this note active, I agree!