Search for subtag creates note with incorrect tag

Testing version: 10784

What were you doing: Using the #/subtag search to search for a sub-tag (e.g., #/bear), then using command-N to create a new note with the subtag.

What feature did you use: Using the #*/subtag search to search for a sub-tag, then using command-N to create a new note with the subtag.

What happened: Bear created a note with the subtag #*/bear as a stand-alone parent tag #bear.

What did you expect to happen: For it to create a note with the searched #*/bear subtag.

I get what you are proposing here but I’m not sure the expectations are to create a new note with a #*/bear as a tag inside. What’s your use case for having a new note with that particular tag?

Maybe I failed to explain the situation adequately. The situation is this: I have a tag for individual team members. So as not to have an endless list of tags in the tags pane with no way of collapsing, I have the team members under a People tag, which is under a Work tag. So, the tag for team member Trix is #Work/People/Trix. Now, when I am about to meet with Trix, I review recent items that are tagged with #Work/People/Trix so as to be reminded of topics that await closure from our last discussion, or items that I tagged with #Work/People/Trix because I want to discuss them with Trix.

So, I search with #*/Trix because it’s faster than typing #Work/People/Trix. But then when I add a new note to create the agenda for my upcoming meeting with Trix, Bear creates a note with the tag #Trix instead of #Work/People/Trix. I then have to manually edit the tag to reflect the correct tag of #Work/People/Trix.

I also tried just searching for /Trix as that’s even faster than typing #*/Trix, but then Bear creates a new note with /Trix, no tag.

So, in essence, I am looking for a fast way to see my notes tagged with #Work/People/Trix that will also create a new note with #Work/People/Trix. It seems that the only way to do that is to manually drill down in the tag field, or to manually update/correct the tag.

Does that make more sense?

This sounds link a valid use case to me. My issue is #*/trix can eventually match more than 1 sub tag and We have to choose between using none of them, all of them, or just one. I think we should go with all of them because in the worst case, people just have to delete some undesired tags. Said so, I have to check what we can do for this specific functionality.

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I agree. That seems to be the best approach. :slight_smile: