Setting default markup for italics and lists

From the early “# ~Welcome~ to the #Bear beta!” note:

New Markdown experience

Bear notes use Markdown, a simple, standard way to style to plain text with bold, italics, lists, links, and more. When text is wrapped with underscores or asterisks, Markdown-friendly apps know to italicize and bold that text, respectively.

When text is wrapped with _underscores_ or **asterisks**, 
Markdown-friendly apps know to italicize and bold that text, 
  1. I’m using _underscores_ to italicize in my other Markdown app, and it would be nice to get an option for chosing _underscores_ instead of *asterisks* (as it is now by default) for italics.

  2. Same goes for unordered lists: Would be nice to be able to choose - space instead of * space as default markup for lists.

This would make it easier to copy/paste from Bear into other apps.

WhatsApp recently started supporting _underscores_ for italics and *asterisks* for bold :frowning:
- space for Unordered lists, 1. space for ordered lists and > space for quotes.
Have no idea why they chose single * wrap for bold instead of standard **bold**, but what to do?

Anyway, making bear able to use _italics_ and - Lists item as defaults would be helpful. I often write longer chats with lists etc in a note app before copy/pasting it in WhatsApp. Now I’m using Drafts for that instead of Bear.

I could of course manually type _italics_ and - space for lists, but unordered list do not show markup in Bear as of now, so difficult to see what markup is used: * or - or even a mix of the two. It doesn’t even show when you unhide Markdown in settings.

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Yes, I see your problem. We expect this to be an even bigger issue in Panda as you are more likely to work on markdown files produced or consumed using other tools. We might start with an option in Panda and see how it is received, and then possibly also add it to Bear.

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