Should we consider auto create non-exist wiki links as empty page?

Agreed. Including all links (even if note not yet created) in autocomplete would be a good first step. Introducing an icon for “new note” would help provide a subtle distinction between existing and non-existent notes in the autocomplete dropdown.

The reason for thinking about a place for a list of links with non-existent notes was in response to the Simpler workflow for creating notes on the fly comment:

Basically, supporting a workflow of working through links to non-existent notes. While Untagged can be used for this, there could be existing notes that are untagged for other reasons. @krssno has pointed out the oddity of a list of notes that don’t exist. Some people may see it as a list of notes that don’t exist yet. Regardless, this feature could be saved for later or never exist and the autocomplete functionality certainly doesn’t depend on it existing.

Regardless, as @krssno points out, it would be a better UX if notes didn’t disappear the moment they didn’t qualify for the current view – i.e., adding a tag to a note in the Untagged list shouldn’t force the note to suddenly disappear; rather, let the user continue to work on the note and update the Untagged list the next time it is rendered (i.e., when the user navigates away and returns to the Untagged list). If “Missing Notes” were added later, they could benefit from the same behavior.

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