Sketches have trancparent background

Testing version: MacOS 2.0 (10641)

What were you doing: Trying to view a sketch I made

What feature did you use: Drawing

What happened: Background was transparent

What did you expect to happen: Background to be white, having a dark background makes black marks really hard to see.

The background is supposed to be transparent but the sketcher colors are supposed to switch to dark mode accordingly to the selected theme but due to a bug this is not the case. Same as sketches in Notes.


Can this be optional? I can’t imagine ever wanting to draw or sketch on a dark background. Colours blend completely differently depending on background. And changing black to white is just … wrong!

It really needs to be possible to choose any sketch background colour or leave it transparent.

The latest update for iOS should have fixed the color switching.

Custom background color is something we can consider but we think the current solution blends better with theme selected and provide a better dark mode experience. Mind that, if you just use light themes you’ll always see a light sketches background.

It ‘blends’ better at the expense of actually being useful. If the drawing capabilty was limited only to black and white then I could perhaps understand the argument. But since it is possible to use translucent colour I don’t see the point. It makes having the use of colour completely useless as I can never be sure how it is going to look.

I prefer usually to use dark themes but I still want to see my drawing as I drew it! If I draw on a light background then it should stay light even on a dark theme …