Small UI bug in nested bullet pts

  • Bear Versioon: 2.0.17
  • OS: 14.1.1*
  • When: Writing/scrolling
  • Feature: Writing/scrolling

The third most indented bullet (should be a diamond) renders oddly. This is fixed when I start to slowly scroll up but it shows up incorrectly when I first type it out as well as do any additional scrolling on the page:

screencast 2024-05-22 17-13-06

This is tiny, really tiny, I love Bear and am 100% satisfied with everything I just thought the team would want to know since so much care and thought goes into the UI. I know you sweat the small stuff.

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you are using an old release of Bear, can you please update to 2.1.9 or 2.2.0 (TestFlight) and confirm you still experience this issue?

Seems fixed by 2.1.9. Thank you!