Some links not working in pdf

Testing version: 0.1 (2936)

What were you doing: exporting in pdf

What feature did you use: export in pdf

What happened: some links are not tapable in pdf, strange case that it’s not at the beginning of a doc, after some failed one it appears working one later in doc

What did you expect to happen: that all links were tapable in pdf.

Hello and thanks for reporting this problem. Can you please provide a markdown or panda file generating the link problem once exported into PDF?

Here you go. Here’s only very first link working when exporting to PDF on iPad.

Also, if i’m exporting that doc within macOS app version all links are cool.

## III. Project impact

Our projen using our [codes in production](, such as [Link](, [AnotherLink](, [And another link](, and many others. We have [more than 2000 references]( in GitHub.

## IV. Needs and challenges
As the library is so popular, our users also keep pushing for updates. There are serious amount of requested features [\(more than 50 open issues\)]( and fantastic for small team amount of released features [\(more than 250 closed issues yet\)]( 

Also i’m unable to attach pdf here, so it seems that you’ll need to trust my word

Thanks a lot! We’ll debug and fix this for the next update.