Spell check works, right click for options does not

Inside Panda for iPadOS spelling errors are underlined in red, but I can find no way to bring up the options to get the correct spelling (or anything else).

Thank you for reporting this Lee, we’ll have a look into it.

It seems to be the same issue for words underlined with blue dots when using Apple Pencil. Those are supposed to show suggested recognized words by scribble.
It is working fine in Bear.

Thank you for this additional information Bara. I’ll let the team know so they can have a look into this too.

Not a pressure but issue still present in build #2343 released Sep 6th. Great works for the pdf and url preview

Hi Bara,

Thank you for letting us know it is still an active issue, and thank you for the reminder.

I’ll reach back out to the team regarding this.

Glad to hear that you like the PDF and URL preview!

cc: @matteo