Panda release 7-18 - OCR and iOS keyboards

Hey everyone! Got another Panda iOS release for you today, and for this one we focused on two large features: OCR for images and PDFs, and big improvements to the new iOS on-screen keyboards for both iPhone and especially iPad.

iOS 16 beta testers, please note: The Apple betas are a little rougher this year with lots of big changes from Apple, and we’ve already seen some weirdness with Panda on it. We usually don’t tackle these beta-OS-related bugs until the OS settles down later into the cycle. If you’re testing iOS 16 and report a Panda bug, please remember to note that you’re on the OS beta.

What’s new in this release:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - Search text inside images and PDFs! A photo may say a thousand words, and now you can search through every one
  • The all-new iPhone and iPad keyboards have received a lot of polish and love, and plenty of bug fixes. Please bang on these as much as possible, and that goes double for all you iPad warriors
  • Many other bugs you’ve reported have been "dealt with”

The new keyboard layout for the iPad is great and works tremendously well for nearly all situations (full keyboard / keyboard attached: full keyboard, slide over view, half screen) :smiley:

There is one bug where the custom keyboard does not show up on normal slide over view

Also, I would suggest a right click for the additional menu option when attached to the keyboard. It would reduce some time and friction.



It seems the beta is full right now. It might open time to time, but it will be not easy to check. Is it gone from the TestFlight testing app list? I think it should be tied to your apple account.

nice feature, the OCR can identify what I was searching for, but I have difficulty switching between the result of the OCR


can you please tell me more about the difficulties you are experiencing?

yes, when I search for the word, it can correctly show me the location, but I can navigate from the results within the note;I need to search the entire note myself.
Screenshot 2023-02-27 at 07.13.59