Panda for iOS - Welcome to 🐼

Alright fellow Pandas, it’s time to go mobile. Panda is ready to start testing on the iPhone and iPad!

All the Mac features like tables, Markdown hiding, nested styles, RTL, and more are here. But Panda for iOS has a few unique tricks up its paw, including: a custom formatting keyboard, all-new Sketcher, and document scanning. Check our revamped alpha page and the Welcome Note in Panda for full details.

Like Panda for Mac, the iOS preview is separate from Bear and won’t touch any of your existing notes. We want to focus on improving these features for now, then we’ll bring this new Editor into a full beta of Bear later.

To start testing Panda for iOS, click this TestFlight link on your iPhone or iPad. If you don’t have Apple’s TestFlight app installed, your device will prompt you.

When it comes to feedback (and we’d love to hear it all!), please check out our separate sections for feedback and bug reports.

​Thanks again for helping us to make Panda the best on-the-go mammal it can be. We’re excited to hear what you think!


Wow! GREAT work on updating this for iOS, the new Sketcher and custom formatting keyboard ARE REALLY great. To the Bear team, keep up the great work! :beers:

WOW! Simply WOW! What an outstanding editor.

The worst thing is now that I have seen Panda I can’t wait to see it in Bear.