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Can bear 2.0 support comment?

Sometimes, I want to add a comment to words. Comments can show in the right of note.

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Bear uses Markdown. How would comments be added in Markdown format?

Google yields this discussion on stack overflow. I tried pasting their suggestion of

[comment]: <> (This is a comment, it will not be included)

into Bear 2 beta and it crashed and I lost that note. So, maybe something to investigate as Bear 2 beta becomes more stable. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for reporting this. Will be fixed with the next update.

I tried [comment] <> ( ... ), when input <>, bear crashed, and reopen.

Expecting next update.

Is that an official standard to commonmark resp. an extension?

Per the discussion on stack overflow, the format:

[//]: # "Comment"

is the most universally compatible approach for inline comments. You do need to leave a blank line before the comment for it to work. And this approach works in Bear 2 beta.

Note, this isn’t the gutter comment you’re likely picturing/wanting (i.e., like comments on a Google document); rather, it’s just a way to enter Markdown that doesn’t appear when printing. It’s possible the Bear 2 team could do some trickery (like they do with picture resizing) to make these comments show up as something fancier in Bear 2… but you might be waiting until 2034 (when Bear 3 is released) for such a feature. :wink: