A hint how to write comments in bear without a dedicated markup

I found here (see the first answer) a hint how to write comments (by abusing a special form of markdown links) in a way I always desired. I don’t know why it works but it works at least in bear. In obsidian however I was not able to achieve the same satisfying result. Here how it look likes:

Three important criteria are met:

  1. You can choose your own markup signs that will be visible. I have chosen the non obstrusive double slash but you can take whatever you want, for example: text like “Comment:” or an emoji. It’s a bit of a shame that the colon appears, but hey, who wants to be that picky?

  2. The comment appears in a paler colour and therefore is immediately recognizable as a commentary.

  3. But above all - and this is the decisive factor - the comment is not transferred when exporting to another format.

How to achieve that?

After clicking inside the comment you will see the required syntax. Here a screenshot:

As you can see the comment goes into the round brackets. Into the square brackets you can place as said your own text, emoji or signs that signals that a comment is going to come.

To make the experience perfect go to your macOS settings into keyboard and then text substitution. Here you can define a trigger that would write automatically the syntax: “[//]: <> ()”. As I always use @-sign for all my text substitutions I took “@//”.

However the macOS own text substitution will place the cursor after the last round bracket. With the app “rocket typist” I was able to place the cursor inside the round brackets. Similar apps will surely allow that too.


A colon inside the square brackets gives the visual most pleasing look:


Neat trick. Thanks for sharing !!