Swipe to Archive

Please please please add this option. Swipe to Pin is useless but Archive would be amazing. I’ve been asking for this for years.

I’m opposite you on this. I haven’t once used archive, but I use swipe to pin throughout the day.

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You can long-press a note, and without raising your finger you can swipe directly to the archive in just one movement :slight_smile:


Hashtags are how I track things. Pins seem like an unnecessary additional crutch.

Thanks but that’s not useful for a trackpad using Mac user.

It’s not a crutch but a useful feature for me and I’m sure many others who use Bear dynamically for writing and thinking (not just a place to store stuff). I use pins to keep my dashboard always in view, for docs I’m writing that I need to return to a lot, and to keep notes at the ready for use on the watch. Having to do a search or sift through hashtags for these all day would be a real pain. Being able to override the sort order when viewing a tag group is super handy for me for the reasons stated above. For archiving, I use tags or export.

Pins are important to help me quickly access my daily log and index/dashboard note, along with other important notes that I keep pinned. I access these multiple times daily so I rather have quick access to them rather than search.

I’m a heavy trackpad user and this method works fine for me. However, if I’m being honest, I pretty much only archive stuff using the keyboard shortcut, which can be found in the menubar at note → archive and you can remap that to whatever you want in settings → keyboard → keyboard shortcuts….

That all said, I dunno how you’ve got your trackpad set up, but for me I’ve got three finger drag on (settings → accessiblity → trackpad options → dragging style → three finger drag) & tap to click (settings → trackpad), and a three finger drag works just fine exactly as @Matteo mentioned above.

One man’s crutch is another’s cudgel. That’s fine but I prefer to keep my notes permanently attached. Pinning is for others to see things and doesn’t work for the dynamic ways I use the app for composition, brainstorming, and publishing across a dozen businesses. I’m happy for it to be a setting but I don’t need a dashboard in Bear. I need to archive items to remove from the workspace.

And multifinger drag isn’t a great solution for the Mac. Archive works beautifully as a swipe option in mail apps like Spark.

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Personally, I Archive notes way more often than I delete them. So having an option in the settings to Archive by swiping left rather than Delete would be ideal for me.