Improving Archive Tag Visibility

I’m really liking the Archive feature for old notes. It’d be even better if the tags attached to these archived notes were more accessible and discoverable. For example, the tags associated with archived notes can be nested under the “Archive” section in the sidebar, mirroring the structure we have for “Untagged”, “Todo”, “Today”, and “Locked” under “Notes”. It could get unruly, and I’ve seen other proposed ideas, too. As long as these archived tags are discoverable in some way, I’d be elated.

In relation to this, it’d be convenient to have an “Archive Tag” action when you long-press a tag on iOS. Without this, it is time consuming to archive notes one by one. This is not an issue on macOS since you can select multiple notes from the list, but is there any way to archive multiple notes - or apply any action to multiple notes - on iOS?

  1. Two finger left swipe in note list,
  2. then you can select multiple notes,
  3. then delete, share or perform action (including Archive) from 3-dot menu:

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Thanks! That’s quite useful. “Select All” would’ve been nice but I can settle for this.

Regardless of this, I’d thrill to have a way to see the list of tags associated with archived notes.