Three features request: Hide notes, Archive backlinks, Tags sorting options

Hello, Thanks for the hard work and time you guys put into this amazing app.

I have three feature requests: the first one the ability to hide some notes from the main notes view and only visible through either search or access from tags sidebar.

And other request, the ability to backlinks to notes in Archive. sometimes I want to reference them with the need to bring them out of the Archive.

The last one is the ability to give each tags a different sorting option. the app only gives us on global sorting option.



Related observations on 2.0.7:

  • a note in the archive that is linked to by a note outside of the archive shows backlinks to that note
  • a note that is in the archive that is linked to by another note in the archive does not show backlinks to that note

That’s not a good idea in my eyes. We would loose the ability to list up all news and to search inside all notes. Why don’t you create a subset of those notes you want to list up there by giving them a special tag?

You mean to see the backlinks for a note that is in archive? Rather than to see for an arbitrary note those backlinks that resides in archived notes? In both cases i am somehow indifferent

I agree. Here the dedicated thread: click!

I agree. I do think being able to see archive note backlinks from unarchived would be good. But the first request seems like a tag is the way there, or Archive if the above were true