Feedback on the notes view list options

I love the ability to change the view options on the notes list. LOVE IT.
However, now I want the ability to configure different list view options on different lists/tags.

For example I’d like my all Notes list to be ordered by create date, but archive notes to be ordered by modify date (archive date really) and I’d like to be able to configure some tags not to show attachments in the list and/or to be the smaller preview style (like archive or #webclippings)


Yes please, since submenu is introduced in the second pane, I think it would be much easier to organise per-tag settings. We should have a default setting in the app setting, and be able to adjust per-tag preference in the second-pane.

Personally would like to add, I would like the ability to pin note per tag basis. This does not have to be complicated. I just want notes to be pinned, but not be in the All Notes section. And also have a universal pin which is pinned in All Notes as well.

Use case:

  • I want to pin a template note for a tag or a note with all the list of books that links to other notes in that tag. But I don’t want this to be shown on the All Notes section where it would make me difficult to find my most recently opened notes and notes I want to be pinned universally.

  • But I also want to have a note pinned on All Notes which has my quick access information and dumping board

That absolutely makes sense and let me add that I even do not want a note to be shown pinned in its parent or sub tag. The pinning indeed is just meaningful on a per tag basis. A note can contain multiple tags but the pinning in all tags is rather annoying and disturbing than helpful

However, in regard to the preview style or sorting options I am afraid that confusion or a loss of overview could occur. It may happen that I change the sort order and preview style here and there. Having so many tags and subtags probably i will forget that. And how chaotic it would be to change “hide subtags” on a per tags basis? I feel more comfortable to know what preview style or sort order I use.

Never the less, it seems reasonable and useful to me to separate these setting to the upper part of tags list (notes- archive - trash) and the bottom main part


Our current thinking about this is that those options should be global, making them configurable for every sidebar element would make it very confusing for most users.

We’ll have another discussion with the team on this, but I can’t promise anything.

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Can you exclude the pinning on per tag basis from the refusal because it is another case? Just to give a simple example: I may pin a recipe under the tag #ingredients/broccoli but there is no reason for me to see the same note pinned under “notes” or the tag #recipes/country/italy because the reason to pin it was the broccoli inside the recipe. Does global pinning makes sense at all?

As @krssno has said, have a talk about per-tag setting, but please not reject the per-tag pin option! As pre mentioned, it just needs to not show in All Notes list. and have a global pin to be on the All Notes list.

Perhaps a compromise could be that you (if that is possible) create a shortcut key for the view options, so that it is easier to jump from one to the other?

Don’t know if other users would consider that good enough…

Perhaps have a checkoff for ‘apply for this tag only’ or like showing how many notes are in that tag, have a subtitle for ‘per-tag setting’?

I’d love to be able to keep the Notes “tag” (the one with all the notes) sorted by recently modified and every tag by title. That way I can actually find something as the note order is alphabetical and more predictable. But I would never want the Notes tag to be sorted this way, I see it as a feed of recently edited notes.

In this current form I can either have a nice Notes pane order that’s bad for every tag, or I can have the tags sorted the way I want but then the Notes pane is pretty much unusable to me, as it just shows always the notes starting with A all the time.

It could be a hidden option even, maybe you Option-click (or long-tap) the sort caret/button to reveal the checkbox “Apply for this tag only.” No one would know :slightly_smiling_face:

It was me who said that i wouldn’t use that feature because of the fear to loose overview. I know that from my experience with other tools. On the other side there seems to be a need and many peoples life with bear would be easier. And it is not like that the desire for local view options is without good reason. Actually that is a feature that could be available by an option: everybody decides what he likes to have.

In ulysses you have a mean to get quickly an overview how many different sorting views in its tree with folders and subfolders for each node exist. See the screenshot and note that a click inside the sorting menu would change the sorting view for all subnodes:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-15 um 23.02.36
The sorting menu here tells that in the node and in all the subnodes the views are sorted manually, by name and by creation date. A click on one entry would set this view for all nodes. That is a good mean to quickly keep things in order who would use the option for that feature to locally define views.

The pin-tags locally is a different story: pinning them globally or locally has no influence on how messy or clear the notes lists are. It is just a matter what makes more sense. And i just can say that local pinning makes sense, global pinning doesn’t make sense at all and is annoying