Note list options are actually global options, not local

The note list options panel (see image below) feels a bit off in that the selections one makes for any given list apply to all lists. E.g. If I change Sorting for the Today list to Modification Date or Preview Style to hide attachments - I’m not really doing that just for Today. Those changes impact every list, every tag. As such, shouldn’t those option selections be moved out of the “local” list drop-down and into something more “global”? Otherwise, given where those options are located today, it feels like changes should apply local to that list or tag. Particularly since the Export Notes in that dropdown does indeed only export the “local” files.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say in far too many words is that the “mixing” of local and global options in the same dropdown feels a bit disjointed.

And FWIW, I’d love to have those options be local: there are some tags I’d prefer sorted by Creation Date, whereas in the Today list, I prefer Modified Date ordering.

Thank you.

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There were some discussions about that here

and I agree.

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In the discussion i rather disagreed. If the sort order would be recognisable somehow without having to take a look i could live with that. Actually that is an feature that should be optional so that everyone can decide