Feature Request: Manual Ordering of notes and tags

Hi there,

in case it is not already planned anyway, it would be great if it was possible to add some functionality for manually ordering files, i.e., adding this option for these two settings.


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manual sorting at the moment is not on our To-Do list because come with a lot of UI/UX changes on all the platforms and considerable sync modifications. We do want to provide handier ways to change Notes and Tags sorting without having to access the preferences.

I would wholeheartedly welcome the option to manually order tags in the sidebar. So many apps and systems give this functionality, even native Apple. When users have to resort to hacks and tweaks with special characters to get a better sorting option, it seems that this hurts the UI/UX more than being able to manually organize them. Please consider it. I am all for apps that adhere to simplicity but when some of the current sorting options (ie notes count) are less helpful, this feature seems to be a worthy addition/consideration.


As I already have written somewhere else here: manual ordering of notes (as special sorting option) and (in combination with) multiple selection of notes in note list (to view them merged in editor) IS that one killer feature for longform writing.

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