Manual Sort Notes

Is it on the horizon to allow the user to manually sort notes within a tag?


I’ ve just joined the forums because I’m considering, copied an existing project to this but can’t seem to order notes within a tag. Is there truly no way to provide some order to the notes other than the modification date?

Not being able to assemble chapters into a longer text in the correct order makes it difficult if not impossible for my purposes. As far as I can see on the forums and documentation (and I may well be wrong) this is a surprisingly lacking feature?

Is there really no way to order notes any other way that modification date? If that is true, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would use this for longer projects, which is sad because it seems like a great app…


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This was a statement put out by one of the Bear developers going by the name of trix180 back in May 2022 - manual sorting at the moment is not on our To-Do list because come with a lot of UI/UX changes on all the platforms and considerable sync modifications. We do want to provide handier ways to change Notes and Tags sorting without having to access the preferences.

You could also create tags within tags, similar to folders in a file structure. This can be useful for creating categories or subfolders.

Going back through the forums, I don’t see any updates as of April 2023 regarding custom ordering of notes.

Pity… I have access to Ulysses via a Setapp subscription. This is also MD based and has a similar host of features. In many ways Bear does seem like a more pleasant app to use.

However Ulysses does allow custom ordering which I use because selecting all notes (in the order I want them) they can be exported to single document - a much nicer way of producing long manuscripts.

I have not paid for the Bear sub as still evaluating it, so don’t know if it’s possible to export multiple notes to a single document using the options locked away behind the paywall.

But as ordering notes seems impossible with Bear this is moot. So as much as I’d want to use it, I’ll stick with Ulysses :frowning:

The manual sorting of notes does not stand alone in Ulysses, but is merely a component of a larger set of related features. Manual sorting is particularly useful when you are working with multiple pieces of text that will be merged later. You can change the order of notes and view several notes in exactly the same order in the editor to get an idea of the future text. As if that wasn’t enough, you can not only merge but also glue multiple selected notes, which means that these notes remain as individual notes but are always displayed together in the editor. Ulysses can also split the note using separators inserted in the text. In this respect, Ulysses is unsurpassed and can be recommended to anyone for whom it makes writing longer texts so much easier. I would certainly be delighted if Bear enabled manual sorting and viewing of multiple selected notes in the editor. But these features alone were not enough to keep me using undoubtedly excellent Ulysses: Bears writing environment, the typography and the management with nested tags ultimately convinced me to use Bear. I also made several attempts. Maybe we’ll see you again, sooner or later :wink:

I await to try out Panda for this erason, which if I undrstand correctly will have Bear’s wonderful editor with any orginization I choose, since it is looking only on the file system.