Table - Merge Cells

I would like to be able to merge cells together. This would be useful to create table/section headers that span multiple columns.



I would love to be able to merge cells. As I would like to include Bear into my workflow as a teacher, this would be an essential feature for lesson planning. Would this be complicated to add?


Markdown doesn’t support cells that spawn on multiple rows/columns, and this doesn’t make it possible for us to add it.

Sorry about this, but it’s a limitation of the file format :slightly_frowning_face:


Thanks for the quick reply. I didn’t think about the markdown limitations. Well, I guess I’ll figure out a way to work around this limitation then.

Edit: Is what Joplin is able to do something beyond markdown features?

Hi Hiko,

yes, the thing that Joplin is doing is something out of the standard. That’s not something bad in itself, but it will prevent other markdown editors/services to read and preview the file correctly.

We’re trying to avoid having non-standard things as much as we can as we want Bear/Panda to be apps that can fit along with other tools without friction.

Let me know what you think about this :slight_smile:


Hi matteo,

I totally get what you’re saying. However, the ability to merge cells in many note-taking apps has always been something that bothered me. Even in OneNote this is something you can’t do (coming from a company which specialises in offering an office suite).

Would it be possible to add this feature and provide an export routine for markdown to remove the merging?

Something like:

Merged columns
Panda: [ Text in merged column over three columns ]
Export: [ Text ] [ ] [ ]

Merged rows
Text in merged rows over three rows

[ Text ]
[ ]
[ ]

This way while working within Bear the feature can be used and when exporting something, it would be as if this functionality had never been added.

Just for my understanding: Is Bear using Polar syntax and the plan is to move towards CommonMark syntax? So the transition will happen with Panda being merged into Bear App? And then every syntax-related question will be a question about whether CommonMark have included this feature within their syntax?

Thank you for making this a priority. It is one of the reasons I left Evernote and OneNote. I want to be able to get my data out that is easily readable and shareable. I am willing to give up some functionality to be sure I’ve got the data/text that I created. You guys are doing great!

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