Tables and word look-up (Mac)

I may have found another small bug with tables.

Info: The Error was reported on the Panda Bug Reports already

The word look-up feature of Mac does not work with words inside of tables. The little popup closes immediately. Text outside of tables work as expected.
On iPad and iPhone the feature does work as expected.

see the video.

Thank you

  • Bear Version:
    2.1.9 (12622)

  • OS Version:
    macOS 14.5 / iOS 17.5

  • What were you doing:
    looked up a Word inside a table (mac look-up feature)

  • What feature did you use:
    in Bear a Table on Mac the look-up feature (Dictionary)

  • What happened:
    the popup closes immediately

  • What did you expect to happen:
    the popup should stay open until i click somewhere else.

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