Tables get cut in half during PDF export


When I export a note that includes tables, some of the tables get cut in half upon export to PDF (see screenshot).

Is there any way to avoid this happening?

In general, is there any way to add page breaks that will be respected during pdf export? It would help a lot when making nice looking PDFs.


This sounds like a case we have not considered. Do you mind sharing the original note (maybe by DM) or a similar note reporting the same issue?

Sure, it’s not confidential so I can put it here, here you go:

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This problem has not solved since the Panda days.
Or is there a possible solution that we haven’t realize yet?
If not, preferences for PDF export will be a good solution. For now it exports to PDF in A4 international page size, right?
Another solution would be paging choices while export. For example, I can prefer all pages automatically exported in A4 size for some docs. But I can prefer flexible pages for another docs. To do this we need something like “page break” :grinning:
I don’t know whether it is technically possible or not. But some designing programs (for example Affinity Publisher) can export every page in different sizes.
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