Error exporting a multi column table from Panda to pdf

Testing version:
Panda Version 1.0 (3096)

What were you doing:
Creating a table with 7 columns. I wanted to export it as pdf to preview the layout.

What feature did you use:
Table editor

What happened:
First it crashed. Then when i restarted it and exported the pdf, it did not render the complete table. It truncated and only rendered the columns that were visible without horizontal scrolling. Not sure why it introduce the horizontal scrolling either. My monitor is wide enough to not require that.

What did you expect to happen:
The document would be exported with all the columns visible and readable.

(note I replaced the text in this screenshot for confidentiality reasons)


the PDF has a fixed-size page (A4) and the table doesn’t fit horizontally. We have considered some options for this case but every solution is bad in some ways. What was the result you expected considering the PDF has a fixed width?


You are spot on. I suspect that is why there was a horizontal scroll that magically showed up inside the viewer? I am not sure there is much you can do other than emulate the excel behavior? I don’t have a great answer.

one suggestion → is it possible to inform the user (in this case me) when i add a column, that I am passing the point of what can be exported to an A4? That would have helped me re-think what i was doing and I would have most likely created multiple tables at that point… :thinking:

Yes. In Bear the note content is displayed inside a column. The width of the content column will be modifiable via the editor preference we currently lack in the beta.

I think we need some extra steps here to successfully communicated the table won’t fit into the A4 format. One of the many things we are considering after 2.0 release is adding more export options and a relative panel. I think this panel is the correct place for displaying this info.

Does this affect images as well as tables? In Bear 2, images don’t export as pdf in the same layout as show in the Editor. You have to export from Marked 2 to retain the layout (but then YAML is shown at the top).

Yes. The editor column width and A4 column width are for sure different if this is what you mean. If it’s not please provide an example (maybe it’s a bug).

Images handling is a little complex: If you resize the images we try to honor that in the exports but, if the image is left untouched, we don’t upscale the image. This means that a full-screen image in the editor might not be fullscreen on the PDF.