Tags Display in Note Preview


I am a very happy subscriber of Bear Pro, and love the Bear 2 Beta even more. You are doing an outstanding job at creating a note-taking app which combines surface simplicity and elegance with just the right amount of power. :green_heart:

However, there is one small thing that annoys me from time to time: in the preview text shown for each note in the sidebar, any tags placed at the beginning of the note appear as normal text without special formatting, which makes it difficult for me to get a quick impression of the note’s actual content. The preview is thus much less useful to me than it could be.

Therefore, I would love to see this addressed some time after the 2.0 release. There are two possible approaches I can think of:

  1. Remove tags from the note preview. This would allow the maximum amount of “real” content to be part of the preview text. However, it might be that many users want to see the tags and placed them at the note’s beginning for this very reason.

  2. Continue showing the tags in the preview, but format them differently, for instance using the same “pill” design as in the editor. That way, it would still be easier to tell tags and text content apart at a quick glance.

I’m looking forward to your thoughts on this idea. And, again, thanks for creating such a great note-taking app!

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