Tags missing from tag list

Testing version: Version 2.0.7 (11876)

What were you doing: Browsing the tag list in the column on the left side of the app.

What feature did you use: tags

What happened: Some tags in notes are suddenly missing in the tag list.

What did you expect to happen: Tags in notes would be represented in the tag column.

I recently discovered that some of my note tags are missing from the column of tags on the left side of the app. I felt the list was missing something, and I realized I had some notes tagged, for instance, learning/area/science. Science is one of many subtags under the learning/area tag. When I searched my notes, I can find notes containing this tag, but the tag itself is no longer listed on the left. It’s not simply this particular tag—there are other missing tags as well—but I’m not certain how many exactly. Also, when I try to add this tag to a new note, the app doesn’t ‘autofill’ or ‘predict’ this tag.