“Notes” in tag list hidden on startup

Testing version:
2.0 (10984) on
iOS iPhone 11 pro and
iPadOS iPad Pro 11” 2nd gen.

What were you doing: Starting Bear

What feature did you use: Open Bear from Home Screen

What happened: “Notes” in tag list hidden by status/triple dot menu.

What did you expect to happen: To see complete tag list including “Notes”.

“Fixes” itself when switching to other app and back, or turn to landscape mode and back …

See image: Notes is “pushed” up out of view …
If I pull down, I can still see it, but it jumps back up and out of view. So looks like a scroll issue…


Same here (10984 iOS)
iPhone 12 & iPad Pro 11”

I’ve noticed that tag list expanded/collapsed states are reset if you update the app or reboot the phone. So if you normally like to keep the ‘Notes’ section expanded (to show Untagged, Todo, Today, and Locked), after a reboot/update it’s all collapsed and so are all the tags with sub tags.

Is this what you meant?

No, sorry, I forgot to include screenshot, see updated bug report above :point_up:

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I am experiencing this as well (iPhoneSe 2020 with the newest beta)

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Same for me on iPhone 14 pro. No way to access the Notes section in the menu because it pops back out of reach after releasing it from the pull down.

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