Restoring active tag - iOS

When Bear is fully quit (or time passes, ejecting it from ram) the next launch will startup with the all “Notes” setting selected. Normally, if using the app frequently, so it stays in memory, launching the app will indeed restore to the last-used tag.

It appears that the last active tag information is lost because the last tag is stored in memory, but is not persisted to storage of the device. This would be great to persist in storage so that Bear can always launch in my most-recently used Tag.

Funny enough this was a feedback I reported during the Mac beta, and was fixed. However, have seen this for quite a while on the touch versions of Bear.

Hello! Can you please check if you have Bear crash logs in “IOS Preferences > Privacy&Security > Analytics & Improvements > Analytics Data”?

I have a log from yesterday I can send you (if you say where.)

Note that the described behavior is very easily reproduced by simply doing the swipe-up to dismiss (quit) gesture on an iPhone. Once you do that gesture, on next launch Bear will always go back to the main “all notes” tag, instead of the last open tag. So I don’t think it requires a crash, per se.

Oh, I see. Yes, we don’t have UI restoration after quitting the app on iOS. We used to but at some point caused loop crashes IIRC. We’ll see what we can do about it.

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