macOS version doesn't restore active tag

Testing version: 10641

What were you doing: Quitting Bear beta, then restore

What feature did you use: Tags in sidebar

What happened: On re-launch, the main Notes sidebar item is selected.

What did you expect to happen: Expected the last selected tag group to remain selected.

So each re-launch of Bear restarts with all notes selected. As I prefer to keep the All Notes part of the sidebar hidden, on each launch I have to re-open the full side bar (ctrl-3) then select the tag I prefer (in my case, named “Active”), then hide that full area again (ctrl-2).

This is a regression from Bear 2 on macOS that was pretty good at restoring the active tag. Note that this sort of issue has persisted in iOS for a long time, where it will sometimes come back to the active tag, but I think when the iOS app ages out of the stack, it will reset back to full list of notes.

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Hello and thanks for reporting this issue.

We’ll be fixed with the next beta update.

Indeed appears fixed - thank you!

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