Tags with locking capability (Feature Request)


you can lock or add a password to individual notes.

This can be quite cumbersome to lock every single note that you want to lock. When journaling in Bear, I’m someone who prefers to lock their journal notes (you never know).

My Request:

It would be great if tags could be given the capability of locking any notes that have that tag associated with it. Then, if I want, I could tell specific notes that I want to ignore the locking capability of any tag that has this capability in that note.

The user should also have the ability to remove the locking mechanism or change the password from any tag that has it, requiring the password, of course.

The user should be able to right-click the tag, and they should be able to unlock all notes with the required password, or lock all notes. Or maybe there could be a little lock icon/button on the right side of the tag in the sidebar, to left left of the pin icon if a note is pinned.

I would imagine that the ability to lock or add a password to a single note would go away for any note that has a locking tag.

Example Flows

  1. User has a bunch of notes under a certain tag: “Journal” for example. They can right-click the tag and click “edit”. In the edit screen, there would be a checkbox the user can click that would turn on the locking mechanism, explaining to the user that this would add a password. They should also be required to enter that password when turning this on, or removing it.
  2. User creates a new note or edits an existing one and can add this special tag to any note.
  3. If the user adds a locking tag to a note that has a password added, they could be prompted letting them know that the tag password will override their previous password for that note.

This is how I’m imagining it anyway. Thanks for hearing me out.