Textfield on sketcher colour picker does not work

Testing version: 2208 iPad Air 4 14.7

What were you doing: Choosing colours

What feature did you use: Attempted to input Hexcode

What happened: Move out of sketcher

What did you expect to happen: input hex code

** It also does not work for any textfield in that area. (Opacity, RGB)

Hi Eleanor,

May I ask, how/where are you attempting to input a Hexcode?

To try replicate the issue, I created a Hexcode both before and after the sketcher in the note. Then I used the dropper option from the sketcher to pick up and recognise the Hexcodes to use in the sketcher and it is working for me.

Did you do something different to the above? Do you’ve a screenshot/screen recording of this for more context?

It is this area

Ah, I see.

Thank you for providing the image for context.

May I ask, does it move out of the sketcher/not work for any Hexcode you input? or just one specific one?

Once I tap the text area in any case, it moves out of the sketcher. It is not about what value I put in, I just can’t interact with the textfields.

Thank you for the additional information, i’ll pass it onto the development team.

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Issue yet fixed