Theme switcher showing wrong icon

Testing version:

What were you doing:
Switching from a dark theme to a light theme while system is in Light Mode.

What feature did you use:
Theme switcher in Bears settings.

What happened:
The icon indicating the selected theme (for Light Mode) stayed visible on the former selected theme.

What did you expect to happen:
I expect the icon to only show on one theme, as it is impossible to have two themes active at the same time.

Wait a minuteā€¦
On second look this is actually normal behavior. Not a bug. My bad.

I think I was confused because of the previous situation. In Bear 1 (and currently iOS) all themes show these icons, only highlighting the selected ones.

Suggestion: maybe adding the :sunny: and :crescent_moon: icons to the macOS version would make it more understandable at first sight. (also, more in sync with theme switching on iOS.)


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