Can't change theme on macOS

Testing version: 10784

What were you doing: Trying to change app theme

What feature did you use: Themes tab in settings

What happened: Nothing; can’t change theme, I’m now stuck with Charcoal

What did you expect to happen: Theme should change when I click it in theme settings

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Oh no! I encountered the same issue… and I’m stuck with a theme that I usually am not comfortable with. I was just trying :melting_face:

I discovered the same issue on my Mac this morning too, but I’m pretty sure there will be a fix for this early next week.

In the meantime we could either live with the stuck theme for a few days, or fix it by this workaround:

  1. Install the previous build for MacOS: 10757 from TestFlight
  2. Change the theme
  3. Install the current build: 10784

It should be safe to install the previous build over current, but probably wise to run a full backup first.

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Good point thanks for the tip. I’ll probably wait for the next update.

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I’m on 10784 and have no problem changing themes.

On macOS? The bug doesn’t affect iOS.

Okay it started working now apparently on macOS too :sweat_smile:


I also encountered this bug and I discovered something interesting here.

Basically I can change theme if I switch my mac’s dark/light mode after starting Bear.
If I don’t do that I am not able to change theme.

I’m on 10784 as well.

This seems pretty consistent:

  • Start Bear afresh (quite it and then start it again): can’t change theme
  • Change mac to light mode or to dark mode. Then I am able to change theme.

Oh right, I actually changed to light theme and back before trying to change Bear theme again, so maybe that’s what I was seeing.

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Nice to see you back :hugs:

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So to reiterate:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Quit Bear
  2. Relaunch Bear
  3. Try to change Bear theme → doesn’t work
  4. Change system theme
  5. Try to change Bear theme → works