X-callback to change theme, crashes Bear on Mac on Startup

x-callback to change theme, crashes Bear on Mac on Startup

Testing version: 2.0 (10784) on MacOS (13.2.1) and iPadOS (16.3.1)

What were you doing: Trying to change Theme on Bear Mac with x-callback

What feature did you use:

What happened:
Seemingly nothing, but afterwards Bear on Mac, kept crashing on startup with no exception or message …

What did you expect to happen: Theme to change to the theme-name inputted in x-callback command.

Details and workaround/fix

But when I checked the: net.shinyfrog.bear.plist,
(in ~/Library/Containers/net.shinyfrog.bear/Data/Library/Preferences/)
I found this strange setting!?


So replaced the Chinese characters (Graphite Red) with “Dark Notes” and Bear (on Mac) started up normally with no issues after that.

It also seems like the same “石墨红” appears, regardless of which theme name I try to change to, using the x-callback command.

Same issue on iPad with same x-callback command, but did not try to restart Bear there (since I wouldn’t have a way to revert if it crashed on startup there as well), I just changed back to “Dark Notes” from settings. But I could see the Chinese theme name there in settings on chosen theme, before I changed back to a English name (see screenshot below)

iPad settings:

From Google Translate:


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Very good catch! We’ll ship a fix with the next update.

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