Trying to return between two immediately written wiki links

Testing version: 10209 Bear 2.0

What were you doing: trying to move one of the wiki link to the next line

What feature did you use: pressed return

What happened:

What did you expect to happen: return and move the second link to the next line

Workaround: create space and then return

There is also a bug where the space bar does not seem to create a space but when in editor-only view, it shows the right amount of space. But this one does not occur all the time so I am not sure of the trigger.

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Hi Eleanor, do you mind sending the note in the video for tests?

It basically works with any hyperlinks that are next to each other without space.
e.g. [[note1]][[note2]] (3.3 MB)

The testing note is testWelcome to the Beta! note.

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got it! thanks for reporting this issue.