URL encoding of existing links may break links

Testing version: Version 2.0 (9803)
What were you doing: Import notes from B1
What feature did you use:
What happened: special characters in the URL got URL-encoded, but they should not have.

- * [ ] [0603-3885](https://www.medschat.com/NDC/#DrugFull=#NDC=0603-3885)
+ * [ ] [0603-3885](https://www.medschat.com/NDC/%23DrugFull=%23NDC=0603-3885)

What did you expect to happen:

There may be a good reason to do this, and there may be more pros than cons. I want to point out that some URLs may break if the special symbols are “corrected”.

Yes, this should not happen.

Thanks for reporting this problem.