Use case for foldable callouts (or transclusions)

One of my big uses of Obsidian is for Bible class notes I use when teaching. I have a collection of pericopes (logical sections of scripture) I set up as foldable callouts. I link to those in my class notes and can open them for reading out loud, then close to have access to my other notes. This would also be useful in other teaching/lecture situations.

I’m moving them to a #pericopes tag in Bear, but would like the ability to follow the same workflow, which might actually require the implementation of transclusions. It’s not a showstopper, by any means, but would make using Bear in this situation easier.

You could use links to headings (to the same or other note) and if needed, you can even collapse those headings (e.g. if they consists longer subheadings etc). It is not exactly a transclusion, but it is very similar functionality IMO, especially when you open this link from your lecture notes in new window (with link aiming to to specific heading, which can represent an original pericope) Thus, you have something of pop-out window functionality (instead of full transclusion) Of course, backlinks functionality would be great here, which is approaching!

That is an excellent suggestion. I’ll test it on my Mac. I’m not sure how it would work on my iPad, which is what I use when I teach. However, it does give me a pathway to explore.