Web Clipper Only Clips Images Sometimes

Testing version: 2.0 (11015)

What were you doing: Clipping selected text and images on webpage

What feature did you use: Safari web clipper

What happened: Resulting note shows URL of embedded image (this error doesn’t happen with all images; I’ve noticed it primarily with images hosted on Amazon AWS)

What did you expect to happen: A shiny note with both text and images

(Also existing notes that had images were replaced with URLs when I moved from Bear 1 to Bear 2)

Thanks for sharing this, can you link a webpage reporting this bug?

Here’s an example of a page I tried to clip: Quoth the raven: "Read to your kids, evermore!". Actually, trying it again I see that in one case the image was replaced with a link, and in the other cases they are just missing altogether. I hope this can be fixed, as it’s a really useful tool!

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