Weird behavior involving lists and headings

  • Bear Version: Version 2.1.8 (12574)
  • OS Version: Mac OS 14.2.1 (23C71)
  • What were you doing: Open a new note. Type x into the title. Then go to the start of the line and hit enter. Now hit up arrow to go to the previous line, the first line in the document, and begin an ordered list by typing 1. x. Now if you hit the space bar, you’d expect the cursor to remain on the same line, but what happens instead is that the cursor jumps to the beginning of the next line, the line with the heading.
  • What feature did you use: typing
  • What happened: cursor jumped to the next line
  • What did you expect to happen: expected the cursor to stay on the original line

if you are on the beta program, can you please try this bug with version 2.1.9?

I’m not in the beta program