When pasting DevonThink /OneNote etc/ link in search field, filename instead of link appears

Testing version: 2.0 (10209)

What were you doing:

I have created a link in my Bear note to Devonthink note using Devonthink link (aka x-devonthink-item://6E04CA8C.....). And I wanted to search for this link from note search field. But when I was pasting the devonthink link into Note List Search (as copied from Devonthink using its Copy Item Link function), the link was “resolved” to filename. So instead of link above (x-devonthink…) I could see name of the file + Bear was of course searching for it (thus having zero result, asi I did not name the original devonthink link in Bear note in this exact name).

Strange is, when pasting the same link copied from Devonthink into Bear note itself, only the link is pasted (not filename with link behind). I understand it is probably some rich-text formatting issue (because when pasting into rtf editor the filename appears and link is correctly included behind as link).

But in this case, it would make sense in opposite direction - inside Bear note, it would be logical that link appears as filename (linked via x-devonthink link) - if not pasted over already existing text, but when pasted into Search field, I would expect only the link itself (as when pasting into any other txt editor). Because if I would like to search for filename (instead of link), I would have copied the filename from devonthink in the first place.

The same is true for OneNote link etc (which is probably the same rtf-type link)

What feature did you use: Notes search field

What did you expect to happen: Original link itself pasted as in txt editor

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